Electronic parts are a major component of modern products, but are getting smaller and smaller.

Failure analysis for these complex, nanoscale units can be difficult unless you work with an experienced scanning service.

Save time and money with comprehensive scan services by PiXL.

Get fast x-ray and CT scanning with our streamlined services in the US. From testing circuit boards to connectors and microchips, our advanced imaging systems can analyze connection issues, wire integrity, component positioning, and more.

We’ll keep you connected.

Military, defense, aerospace industries, and more, trust us to provide accurate imaging and fast answers to failure analysis and non-destructive testing (NDT). Our advanced scanning systems made by our partner Pinnacle keep up with your electronic testing needs, to keep your products connected.

Certifications You Can Trust

The approval process for the aerospace industry can be arduous. Our certified team provides the solutions you need with optional interpretation of image data, training, correlation studies, and part certification.

It’s That Simple

Getting your item scanned is easy. Let us show you what our process look like and what you can expect.


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