Setting the benchmark for industrial x-ray solutions

Benchmark solutions provide already designed features with different levels of capability.

Custom solutions can be used with film, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography, and/or computed tomography. These radiographic techniques can even be combined

Benchmark 225/60

  • Small compact footprint
  • Imaging in either 2D or 3D
  • 360° Micro-CT Rotate Stage
  • A/C temperature controlled for CT Metrology

Benchmark 500/80

  • Dual tube head configuration with mini and micro-focus
  • Up to 8 Axis
  • Compact design
  • Ability to test heavy/dense objects

Benchmark 500/90 XL

  • 500kV output
  • DR and CT capable
  • Ergonomic loading with extended manipulator
  • Up to 9 axis of motion

Benchmark 500/90 XLW

  • 500kV output
  • Dual tube configuration
  • Large parts and castings
  • Walk-in / Ergonomic

High Production Shuttle Tray

  • Production Setup for Film and CR
  • Compact easy access
  • up to 600kv

Rooms, Cabinets and Vaults

  • X-ray Energies from 90 kV to 3 MEV
  • Single or Bi-Parting doors
  • “Last Man Out” Radiation safety module
  • Steel/Pb/Steel Construction

System Upgrades

  • Saves you money
  • All upgrade packages include: installation, training, warranty and 1 year software updates

Robotic Solutions

  • C-arm Robotic
  • Single Robot part loading
  • Dual Robot part loading
  • Dual Robot tube/detector synchronized
  • Automatic Defect Recognition

Custom Solutions

  • In-line DR/CT
  • Mobile Systems
  • High Volume Production
  • Automated or Assisted Defect Recognition

High Energy (up to 15 MeV) Solutions

  • DR and CT
  • Manipulators


  • CR, DR, and CT
  • Telescope
  • Multi-axis design

CT Metrology Turbine Blade Scanner

  • 450, 500, or 600kv
  • CT precision for Metrology
  • LDA technology

Used or Demo Equipment

  • PXS 450kV Macro DR/CT system
  • PXS 225kV Micro-Focus DR/CT system

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