Driving Automotive Innovation: Pinnacles' Cutting-Edge X-ray and CT Technology Accelerates Industry Advancements

Accelerate the future of the automotive industry with Pinnacles’ cutting-edge X-ray and CT technology, expertly engineered to drive innovation and enhance vehicle performance. Our state-of-the-art imaging systems provide unparalleled, non-destructive insights into automotive components, materials, and assemblies, empowering manufacturers to optimize production processes, ensure top-quality craftsmanship, and assess structural integrity. Pinnacles’ groundbreaking technology fuels the development of advanced materials, lightweight structures, and next-generation powertrains, paving the way for safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions. Join Pinnacle in shaping the automotive industry’s future and revolutionizing vehicle technology with our innovative X-ray and CT imaging solutions.

PiXL x-ray and CT scan services deliver fast results

With our industry-leading technology and certified technicians, you can count on us to streamline the imaging process and provide quick, accurate results for non-destructive testing. Receive dimensional analysis, CAD to CT analysis, .STL CAD export, void/inclusion analysis, and more.

Experience the convenience of a done-for-you service

Enjoy a smoother process qualification with a trusted partner at PiXL. We’re based in the US, and in addition to providing scanning services, our partner Pinnacle manufactures x-ray and CT scan machines, allowing us to stay at the forefront of technology. We’re ITAR and NIST 800-171 compliant and Nadcap certified.

Certifications You Can Trust

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