PM Contracts

Pinnacle X-ray Solutions, LLC (PXS) engineers, manufactures, integrates and tests equipment for years of dependable operation. Yet, as with any precision equipment service is required on a scheduled basis. This agreement offers regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections that help eliminate equipment breakdowns, emergency scheduling and costly down time with a highly proactive approach. This is based on decades of experience and carried out by factory trained and authorized system specialists.

Preventative maintenance is performed twice, at 6-month intervals during the one-year agreement period.


P.M. agreement customers will receive preferential service scheduling over standard repair service requests. Replacement parts carry a 365-day warranty. 

System Maintenance Include:

  • Clean and inspect X-Ray tube, generators and controller
  • Inspect, clean,apply dielectric compound and set compression
  • Inspect cable drape, and routing
  • Clean, inspect and lubricate manipulator
  • Test and adjust safety interlocks and safety lamps
  • Blow dust from cooler, test flow and safety shut down circuits
  • Test power supplies and adjust to factory specifications
  • Unlimited telephone and remote access technical support
  • List of recommendations generated upon evaluation of system
  • Performed by factory trained and authorized system specialist

PXS also offers Software Maintenance/Support agreements  that include:

  • Short-term bug fixes: Should you find a bug in the PiXS Software this will be fixed by PXS with highest priority. The resulting availability of an updated version of the purchased software will automatically be communicated to all owners of an Update/Service Agreement.
  • All new PiXS versions released within the time frame of the Update/Service Agreement are provided free of charge to Update/Service Agreement owners.
  • You will receive priority product support by PXS by phone or via e-mail. An Update/Service Agreement is a cost-saving way to keep your PiXS software package up to date.

Expert Maintenance Services Tailored to Your Needs - Ensuring Optimal System Performance and Longevity

Secure the longevity and optimal performance of your imaging systems with Pinnacle’s comprehensive maintenance contracts. Our expert maintenance services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, with customizable plans designed to maximize uptime and minimize downtime. Our team of skilled engineers offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services, from routine check-ups and preventative maintenance to emergency repairs and system upgrades. By signing up for a Pinnacle maintenance contract, you’ll receive the highest quality care and attention for your systems, ensuring optimal performance, maximum uptime, and longevity for years to come. With Pinnacle’s maintenance contracts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your imaging systems are in the hands of experts who are committed to ensuring their reliability and performance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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