excillum MetalJet E1+ 160 kV

Kilowatt microfocus performance with submicron stability

At 1000 watts, the new Excillum MetalJet E1+ delivers 17 times more X-ray flux across a broad spectral range compared to a 30 W conventional tungsten-solid-anode microfocus source with the same 30 µm spot size. In the spectral range of 24-29 keV where the indium and tin characteristic emission lines are present, the flux advantage is as high as 100 times.

Built for 24/7 continuous performance

The MetalJet E1+ is designed for high-throughput, 100% duty-cycle operation with up to once-per-year preventive maintenance cycles. This eliminates the need for frequent filament changes as required by traditional tubes.

Sub-µm positional stability

Although running at a high thermal load of 1000 W, the MetalJet E1+ maintains a positional stability of below 1 µm during continuous long-term operation.

Unprecedented 24 keV indium Kα emission

For applications requiring focused or collimated high-energy monochromatic radiation, the MetalJet E1+ delivers unprecedented power into the 24 keV indium Kα emission lines. See e.g. the 1.3×1010 ph/s/mm2 example when combined with Montel-type focusing X-ray mirror.

Additional information

X-ray Source Make


Source Type

Open Microfocus, Metal Jet


160 kv

Max Power (W)


Max mA

0.2 mA, 0.3 mA, 0.5 mA, 1 mA


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