iRay NDT 1717HE

NDT 1717HE is a high energy FPD developed with the sensor technology of high radiation resistance for dynamic imaging. The 43×43 cm² low noise image sensor has an 100 µm pixel pitch. It is coupled with 16 bit read-out electronics and provides excellent imaging at frame rates up to 30 fps. Data communication is accomplished via a optical fiber interface. The iRay software SDK provides support for detector calibration, configuration, image acquisition, pre-processing and viewing on a workstation running the MS Windows operating system. The NDT 1717HE is suitable for the high energy NDT applications integrated with linear accelerator.

    • Proven radiation hard a-Si TFT sensor technology
    • 43×43 cm² imaging area
    • Dynamic imaging in full resolution at 10 fps, 2×2 at 20 fps and 3×3 at 30 fps
    • Optical fiber interface without image loss
    • Energy range from 20 kV ~ 16 MV
    • Easy software and system integration
    • Multiple programmable gain levels
    • Programmable ROI

Additional information

Pixel Pitch

100 µm

Pixel Matrix

4260 x 4260

Active Area

426mm x 426mm (16.77" x 16.77")

Min Frame Rate

10 fps, 12.5 fps, 15 fps, 15.15 fps, 20 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps

Max Frame Rate

10 fps, 15 fps, 15.15 fps, 18 fps, 20 fps, 30 fps

Detector Max Energy

15 MeV

AD-Conversion Bit



CsI, DRZ-Plus


10 kg

Detector Type


Detector Make



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