NTB SEZ W3-640

  The digital linescan x-ray cameras of the SEZ series have been developed by NTB especially for the operation in digital x-ray inspection. The x-ray camera is the result of an intensive research in the field of digital x-ray technology. A continuous further development of the SEZ-T3 and the SEZ-W line suits the cameras for the use in most different applications and requirements.

  A robust construction for operations from 20 kV up to 450 kV guarantees a long life time and resistance against mechanical strain. The slit collimators of the cameras make them highly insensitive to scattered rays. The hardware pixelbinning (=> electronic grouping of neighboring pixels to one pixel) enables a variable resolution from 83 µm to 1.3 mm. As the pixelbinning is freely adjustable, it is possible to realize applications which require a very high resolution as well as applications with very high scanning speeds (up to 80m/min) with one and the same camera system.

  The high dynamic range (12 bit A/D conversion) supplies x-ray images with up to 4096 greylevels. The x-ray images can be evaluated, processed, archived, transmitted or used for documentations. It is possible to integrate the camera system into third-party software by the use of the supplied software library (DLL). Thereby, custom specific solutions up to the fully automatic acquisition and evaluation of the x-ray images become possible.

  The digital x-ray cameras are highly economic and future-oriented: There are no overhead costs for film, chemicals and film processing. The archiving of all data is space saving, as many x-ray images can be saved on one small data medium (hard disk / CD / DVD).

  The linear x-ray camera can be integrated as a digital extension in already existing x-ray units or can be supplied as complete x-ray system.

Additional information

Detector Make


Pixel Pitch

83 µm

Pixel Matrix


Active Area

628mm (24.72")

Min Frame Rate

0.25 fps, 1 fps, 3.75 fps, 4 fps, 5.5 fps, 6 fps, 9 fps, 10 fps, 12.5 fps, 15 fps, 15.15 fps, 20 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, 40 fps, 60 fps

Max Frame Rate

1 fps, 4 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps, 15 fps, 15.15 fps, 18 fps, 20 fps, 30 fps, 40 fps, 60 fps, 75 fps, 80 fps, 85 fps, 100 fps, 120 fps, 1000 fps

AD-Conversion Bit




Detector Type


Detector Energy Used

90 kv, 130 kv, 150 kv, 160 kv, 190 kv, 225 kv, 240 kv, 300 kv, 320 kv, 450 kv


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