Teledyne Dalsa Shad-o-Box 2k HS

Teledyne DALSA’s Shad-o-Box HS product family of digital x-ray cameras offers users a high-speed, high-performance x-ray imaging detector with a fast, reliable Gigabit Ethernet interface. The cameras in this product line are capable of frame rates up to 66 fps (even higher in 2 x 2 binned mode), and communicate via a standard Cat6e data cable over lengths up to 100 m. The detectors are available with different scintillator options to address a range of resolution and sensitivity requirements, making this camera an ideal choice for industrial inspection, biomedical and scientific x-ray imaging applications.
The Shad-o-Box HS product line leverages Teledyne DALSA’s advanced CMOS image sensing technology, which enables the delivery of low-dose x-ray images and yields higher image quality than a-Si flat panels and image intensifier devices. Camera features include: (1) large active area of up to 10 x 15 cm; (2) several different resolution (pixel size) options; (3) fast, real-time image transfer via Gigabit Ethernet interface; (4) 14-bit digitization of images; and (5) SDK’s, drivers and programming support. The camera interface allows easy access to features such as adjusting the frame rate, single and multiple frame acquisitions, and control of advanced timing modes. Each camera ships with our ShadoCam Imaging application and Teledyne DALSA’s CamExpert software, which provide simple, user-friendly tools for communicating with the camera and acquiring images.

Shad-o-Box HS cameras contain a large-area, high-resolution CMOS detector with a photodiode pixel array featuring five standard size options of approximately 2×2, 2×6, 3×4, 4×6 and 5×5 inches. The cameras are available in different resolution models featuring either a 99μm or 49.5μm pixel size. All detectors are capable of real-time, full-resolution imaging at frame rates up to 66 fps.
The detector array consists of a single CMOS die (no tiling) that contains multiple output taps to enable high frame rates. The video signal is digitized to 14 bits, reassembled (deinterlaced) within the camera’s FPGA, and then transferred directly to the host memory via a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet interface.
The CMOS sensor inside the Shad-o-Box HS camera contains a direct-contact Gd2O2S scintillator such as Carestream Min-R® 2190 or Mitsubishi Chemical DRZ (a CsI option is also available – please contact us for details). The scintillator converts x-ray photons into visible light that is sensed by the CMOS photodiodes. A thin graphite cover protects the sensor from accidental damage as well as ambient light. The Shad-o-Box HS camera also contains lead and steel shielding to protect the camera electronics from the x-ray radiation. The cameras are sensitive to x-ray energies as low as 15 keV and may be used with generators up to 225 kVp. Please refer to our application notes for additional information.

Download datasheet here: ShadoBoxHS_datasheet

Additional information

Detector Make

Teledyne Dalsa

Pixel Pitch

49.5 µm

Pixel Matrix

1152 x 2940

Active Area

57mm x 146mm (2.24"x5.75")

Max Frame Rate

1 fps, 4 fps, 7.5 fps, 10 fps

Detector Max Energy

225 kv

AD-Conversion Bit



CsI, DRZ-Plus


3.5 kg

Detector Type



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