Varex Linatron® M3

The Linatron™ M product family represents some of the most popular X-ray linear accelerators available for the security and NDT markets. These accelerators are available in several versions that vary by output energy and shielding, as well as other customer-specific features.

Typically used for both security and NDT applications, the Linatron M3 provides a nominal output of 3 MeV, but can be configured for outputs ranging from approximately 1 to 4.5 MeV. Its relatively small size, light weight, and available shielding packages make it ideal for truck-mounted applications.

For more information, download the Linatron M3 product datasheet below.

Our high-energy Linatron™ (linear accelerators also known as Linacs) can be found in most cargo screening systems worldwide. They reliably generate the necessary energy to fully penetrate completely loaded shipping containers and provide excellent materials discrimination.

As Varex Imaging continues to innovate and advance imaging technologies, our portfolio of linear accelerators includes interlaced, dual-energy technology that offers even greater material discrimination than ever before, including options to alternate X-ray energies on a pulse-to-pulse basis.


Linatron M3pds

Additional information

X-ray Source Make


Source Type

Linear Accelerator


3 MeV

Max Power (W)

3 Gy/Min

Focal Spot/JIMA res (µm)

1000 µm

Max kv

3 MeV


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