X-RAY WorX XWT-240-TCNF Plus

Product line TCNF Plus, featuring an innovative internal cooling, reducing movement of focal spot by more than 90%, is recommended for computed tomography (CT), metrology (DM), and high resolution (HR) inspection in electronics industry and science. These X-ray tubes have an internal liquid cooling of tube head for permanent stability of focal spot position, a liquid cooling of the turbo pump to avoid vibrations and provide and provide an ultimate JIMA resolution of 0.5 microns (μm) and highest magnification for semiconductor, electronics, and composite applications, featuring the High Resolution Diamond Target.


Additional information

X-ray Source Make


Source Type

Open Transmission Nanfocus, Open Microfocus


240 kv

Max Power (W)

4, 8, 16, 25, 39, 50

Max mA

0.2 mA, 0.3 mA, 0.5 mA, 1 mA

Focal Spot/JIMA res (µm)

0.5 µm


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